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November 2023: DFCI’s Cell Manipulation Core Facility (CMCF) helps advance the CD4 CTL therapeutic approach toward clinical trial (link).

June 2023: The Zhang Lab’s invention "LMP1 Based Approach to Producing Multi-specific CD4+ CTLs for Cancer Immunotherapy” posted on IN-Part (link).

November 2022: Dr. Zhang together with Drs. Münz and Mautner launch a special Research Topic “EBV-Induced T Cell Immunity in Cancers” (link) @Frontiers in Immunology @Frontiers in Oncology, calling for research and review articles to promote deep understanding of EBV-induced immunity and its implications in cancer immunity and immunotherapy.

September 2022: The Zhang lab’s perspective article on a potential protective role of EBV-induced immunity against childhood cancers is accepted by Trends in Immunology.

May 2022: Welcome Dr. Jiankun Guan!

December 2021: Dr. Baochun Zhang receives Medical Oncology Discovery Award from our institute. Congratulations!

September 2021: Il-Kyu Choi accepts a faculty position at Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST) in South Korea. Congratulations Kyu!

June 2021: Welcome Dr. Jutatip Panaampon!

November 2020: Il-Kyu Choi, Zhe Wang, et al. paper on insight into EBV immunity and developing a new form of cancer immunotherapy is accepted by Nature. Congratulations!

Feb. 2020 - Congratulations to Dr. Il-Kyu Choi on his promotion to Instructor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School !

Jan. 2020 - Congratulations to Dr. Il-Kyu Choi on receiving the Claudia Adams Barr Award, and being named the 2019 BARR FELLOW !